The best Fitbit Inspire 2 bands you can buy

fitbit inspire 2 review fitness tracker display on table 3
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fitbit inspire 2 review fitness tracker display on table 3

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The Fitbit Inspire 2 is the best Fitbit tracker for first-time users. Not only do newcomers get a capable but straightforward health-tracking experience, you also gain a year’s subscription to Fitbit Premium. Aesthetically, the Inspire 2 isn’t the most remarkable tracker available on the market, but bands can go a long way to sprucing it up.

Relting Quick Release: The best stainless steel

Relting Quick Release Band Fitbit Inspire 2

Stainless steel is a safe option for smartwatch and tracker bands, melding durability and versatility with a classic aesthetic. This from Relting is an excellent example of this. It uses a metal mesh design which aids breathability and flexibility when on the wrist. It’s available in seven colors, too, including a classic silver option or a more extravagant red livery.

Moko Stainless Steel Band: The best metal link

Moko Stainless Steel Band Fitbit Inspire 2

You might not be a fan of meshed metal, but that’s where this stainless steel link design from Moko comes in. Mimicking straps you’ll find on classic analog watches, the also packs an 18-month warranty, making it a good option if durability is important to you.

Maledan Silicone Sport Band: The best Fitbit Inspire 2 for active users

Maledan Sport Band Inspire 2 in grey and blue

Metal straps aren’t the best for active users, but this silicone strap from Maledan fits the bill perfectly. This features air holes for better breathability, a metal clasp for a secure but comfortable fit, and a two-tone colorway. You can choose between large and small band sizes, too.

Ancool Clear Wristband: The best protective Fitbit Inspire 2

Ancool Clear Wristband Fitbit Inspire 2

The Inspire 2’s fastening system isn’t the most secure, so it helps to use a band that completely encapsulates the tracker. Ancool’s example is a protective strap for those who don’t want to sacrifice security for style. It’s transparent, making the tracker and your outfit the stars of the show. If you feel the clear option is a little too bland, there’s a pink version, too.

Ocebeec Slim Leather Band: The best slim Fitbit Inspire 2 band

Ocebeec Slim Leather Band Inspire 2 in black

Not only is this band sleek and slender, but it’s also made of genuine leather with a stainless steel buckle and comes in a host of colors. It’s classically stylish and perfect for those who don’t work up a sweat with their trackers. This particular pack comes with two bands, making the ~$10 price a great deal.

Bnbiden Stretchy Bands: The best easy-fit Inspire 2 bands

Bnbiden Stretchy Bands inspire 2

These elastic nylon bands are stretchable, making them easy to slip on and off your wrist. Nylon is a great material for comfort and utility, well suited for spells at the gym or a weekend in the mountains. Three bands are included per pack and are available in various styles.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro: The best rugged Inspire 2 band

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Inspire 2

Speaking of a weekend in the mountains, few bands provide as much physical protection as the Unicorn Beetle Pro. Supcase makes bands for practically every Fitbit and beyond, and the Inspire 2 is no exception. It’s effectively a TPU and polycarbonate case that surrounds the tracker. Raised bezels protect from bumps and inadvertent slaps against hard objects. It’s pricey, but it’s worth it.

Hqzon Silicone Band: The best cheap Fitbit Inspire 2 band

Hqzon Silicone Band Fitbit Inspire 2

This band’s nothing special, but that’s part of its allure. At just $4, it’s one of the cheapest single bands you can grab for the Inspire 2. If you’re looking to replace your default strap, this is your best option. It’s available in 12 colors, too.

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