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skin colored yoga pants
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Ben says:

Only at wal*mart. Must be a member of that mysterious clan that only come out between midnight and dawn.the live in the spaces between the shelves. have absolutely no self respect or respect for else, yet demand everything can get their greedy, greasy hands on.because they had a bad childhood… boo hoo I know a lot of people that had crappy childhood, myself included. But you don’t see me or most people crying about it. We just try harder to better ourselves and our children. These poor deluded idiots just take,take & then take even more. I’m sick of this crap of entitlement because of whatever syndrome is popular this week & the world owes me anything I want. Grow up, stop popping out kids like you’re a factory assembly line just so you can stay on welfare, claiming that you can’t because you have recurring boils on your whatever.just shut up already and GET A JOB !!!

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