RUSH’s ALEX LIFESON Unveils New Band ENVY OF NONE With “Liar” Single

ALex Lifeson Epiphone
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Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson has a new band called Envy Of None that you need to hear. The band features Coney Hatch founder and bassist Andy Curran, producer and engineer Alfio Annibalini, and singer-songwriter Maiah Wynne, and is now streaming their debut single “Liar.” It’s a driving, electronic-heavy single reminiscent of bands like Depeche Mode and A Perfect Circle that hits just hard enough with plenty of hooks to keep you coming back for more.

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Maiah became my muse,” said Lifeson. “She was able to this whole new ethereal thing through her sense of melody on tracks like ‘Liar’ and ‘Look Inside.’ After hearing her vocals on ‘Never Said I Love You,’ I felt so excited. I’ve never had that kind of inspiration working with another musician. When we say she’s special, it’s because she’s really fucking special!”

“One of my favourite things these songs is the intimacy of them,” adds Wynne. “It makes them different and more honest. There are some heavier songs too, like ‘Enemy,’ and then tracks like ‘Kabul Blues,’ that sound completely different to anything else.”

Envy Of None‘s self-titled album is due out April 8 and is available for pre-order here.

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