Ideal Standard Space Toilet Seat:

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Ideal Standard Space Toilet Seat & Cover

Ideal Standard E709101 Details

What’s Included?

  • E709101 Ideal Standard Space Toilet Seat and cover
  • Instructions
  • Fixing pack including POST-2003 hinges

This toilet seat is approx. 38.5cm in diameter

These days living space is the ultimate luxury. No matter how much we have, it never seems enough. It’s often in the bathroom that space becomes a real issue, but with the Ideal Standard Space Range you can plan better bathrooms to help your home run smoothly. The Space WC is the perfect example. It has a seat that can be fitted in three positions –facing forwards, or turned 45 degrees to left or right. space saving toilet seat.

This clever space-saving feature allows the angled seat allows the WC to be sited closer to a wall without making it too much of a squeeze.

  • Space CC (CLose Coupled) & Space Corner
  • Space BTW (Back-To-Wall) & Space WM (Wall Mounted)

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7 reviews for Ideal Standard Space Toilet Seat:

  1. Joe

    The replacement seat is exactly as expected. Fits perfectly, easy to fit and delivered on time.The actual toilet though is a different matter! Wish we hadn’t bought it. The hinges corrode leaving the screw embedded in the plastic after the head breaks off, and the only replacement seat that fits it is VERY expensive. There are no alternative ones available from any other company.

  2. SC

    Rip off, item was delivered as expected but is a terrible waste of money. Ikea do a soft close seat for £10!!!!Top Notch delivery and service from seller but ideal standard should re-think this product..


    It is great, had to have it as toilet is a round shape, but soooo expensive but had no choice.

  4. chris wake

    grossly over priced however easy to fit and smartens up the bathroom again

  5. susanne adams

    I had no choice but to buy this toilet seat as its the only one that fits my toilet. To charge £78 for it is disgusting, when you can get an ordinary one from the high street for around £10. In my next house I shall make sure that I dont buy Ideal Standard.

  6. Robin P Clarke

    The old one broke, so I was able to locate a replacement on Amazon, delivered on time, and fitted. Thats everything I needed.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Exact replacement..all good.

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