NITE’s New Single “Acheron” Is Blackened Heavy Metal Perfection

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Nite is here to show you how blackened heavy metal is done with their new single “Acheron.” Equal parts galloping riffs and hellish vocals, Nite has landed on a sound that’s undeniable their own and one that really ought to land on some stages.

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“‘Acheron’ opens our upcoming album and introduces us to the world of Kronian Moon. It’s our take on the myth of the ancient river, Charon led the souls of the dead past the gates of the underworld. In this case the Acheron river is a journey space and time. A transformation and the beginning of a journey in an ancient alien world.”

Nite will release their new record Voices Of The Kronian Moon on March 25. are available here and here on Bandcamp. You can also check out Nite on all streaming services here.

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