Kramer, what’s going on in there?

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The first big meme of 2022 is upon us. The ‘Kramer, what’s on in there?’ meme remixes the classic Seinfeld episode where a chicken restaurant with a painfully bright red sign opens across the street. When Jerry first notices the glaring red light, he knocks on the door and asks Kramer it. Memers across the are putting their own twist on the bit and filling Kramer’s room with all kinds of pop culture elements. A Balrog from Lord of the Rings. A in the Metaverse. Michael Richards (the actor who plays Kramer) reciting the infamous N-word bit from 2007 made him possibly the first person to be canceled in the modern sense of the term.

Is the meme stupid? Absolutely. But as a devoted Journalist, I would be remiss in my duties if I didn’t inform you good people the hottest new meme trends. Is 24 examples of it way too many? Also yes. But I have a quota to hit, goddammit. And memes are kind of like that ‘Family Guy’ bit where Peter holds his knee and groans in for five whole minutes: if something goes on for a length of time, it goes from funny to annoying to funny again.

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