It’s time for flagships to ditch the 128GB base storage option

google pixel 4 xl revisited storage
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google pixel 4 xl revisited storage

Oliver Cragg / Android Authority

Our demand for more storage is growing, but the base storage options have largely remained the same over the past few years. Few phones beyond the flagship lines start with 256GB, and even then, some top-end devices still offer 128GB variants. But is this enough for you, or do you demand devices start with more storage?

We asked readers how much base storage companies should offer on their flagships in a recent poll. The results are in!

What base storage amount should phone companies offer on flagships?


This poll garnered more than 2,600 votes since it debuted on January 6. We gave readers five options, but one, in particular, stood out with an overwhelming majority.

A solid 50% of respondents feel that 256GB should be the base storage option on flagship smartphones. We’ve seen this growing trend on some devices, like the recently launched Iqoo 9 series and the Huawei P50 Pocket. However, 256GB remains pegged to pricier configs on other phone series.

Notably, 29% of readers are content with the current 128GB benchmark, 3.7% of readers are happy going even lower. Notably, Apple just upped its baseline storage config to 128GB with the iPhone 13 series from 64GB on the iPhone 12 line.

How readers want more? Well, 10% would prefer base storage configs starting at 512GB, 7.3% would like to see even more. Of course, some devices allow consumers to hit 1TB through microSD cards, but that isn’t quite the same as internal storage.

Your comments

  • androwin: With app now requiring multi-hundred of megabytes, 512GB should be the minimum.
  • Shizuma: 128GB is more than enough, I barely use over 64Gb of space on my phone. Raising the base storage higher is pretty stupid as all it does is increase the already ridiculous price of phones even higher really most people don’t use that much storage on their phones, it’s users that keep everything local on their phone that use it.
  • D24: I still love my Note 10 Plus starts at 256 too.

That’s it for this poll. Thanks for your votes and comments. If you have any thoughts about the results or the baseline storage option for flagship smartphones, drop a comment below.

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