How to set Spotify as an alarm on Android and iPhone

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One of the best things about is that you can use any song from its vast, expansive library as an alarm. The program integrates with the built-in alarm function on your mobile device to it so that you can use any song you want as your alarm. This is how to set Spotify music as your alarm on Android or iPhone.

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To use as your alarm on Android, open the Clock app. From there, go to Alarm and find the alarm you want to edit. Select the Alarm sound and go to Spotify. Search for the song you want to set as your alarm and select it.

To use Spotify as your alarm on iOS, you will need to download or purchase a separate alarm app that is integrated with Spotify.


Setting Spotify as an alarm works differently for Android and iPhone devices. For Android phones, the function is built into the Clock app that comes with the operating system. On the hand, iOS users will have to find a workaround.

How to set Spotify as an alarm (Android)

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  • Go to the Alarm section. This can be found in the bottom bar on the far left.
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  • Select Alarm sound. This button like a bell with two shaking lines around it.
Set Spotify Alarm Android 1

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  • On the Alarm sound page, select Spotify. Additionally, there is a search function accessible via the magnifying glass button. Use this function to find the song you want to set as your alarm and select that song. In this case, we chose “Spiral” by Rezz.
Set Spotify Alarm Android 2

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  • Back out to the Alarm page once again. You should now see your specified Spotify song set as the alarm.
Set Spotify Alarm Android 3

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How to set Spotify as an alarm (iOS)

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There is currently no built-in way to set Spotify music as an alarm on iOS devices. The free Clock app with Apple’s iPhones and iPads is not integrated with Spotify. To set a Spotify song as your alarm on an iOS device, you must download a custom alarm app like Morning™ Alarm for Spotify.

While it is possible to use a Spotify downloading tool to download songs as MP3s and set them as custom alarm sounds, Spotify does not condone downloading songs as MP3s. Music on Spotify is meant to be played through Spotify, even if it has been downloaded to your device through the built-in function.

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