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Disturbed vocalist David Draiman quit Twitter in 2015, saying at the time that “social media has become a playground for trolls, a playground for these people who prey on one another.” Now Draiman is with a new Twitter account with the bio “Frontman of Disturbed…older, wiser, no more caps, no bullshit lol.” Draiman said in a series of tweets he felt he wanted to return to Twitter because of the state of the world, though he totally intends not to get involved with trolls and “rageaholic keyboard warriors” this time around.

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“Came to @Twitter because I was tired of watching from the sidelines for the last number of years. Yes, the world of social media is still a relative cess pool, but I figured maybe it was time to jump back in, only this time, with a hazmat suit on…lol.

“Too much going on in the world I care deeply about to not share it with everyone. Too many things to call out, to both celebrate and condemn. Too much manipulation, too many people attacking one another, too much tribalism, and obnoxious virtue signaling.

“Too many rageaholic keyboard warriors out there using should be, and can be, a medium brings us together, to only make us feel more divided. Not me. Just truth, no bullshit, no troll wars. I will do my damnedest to be a light in the darkness here.”

Disturbed is currently working on a new EP, which Draiman compared to The Sickness from 2000 and Ten Thousand Fists from 2005

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