Elizabeth Taylor Fragrance

Elizabeth Taylor, the legendary Hollywood actress, also had her own line of fragrances, reflecting her timeless glamour and sophistication. Here are some notable Elizabeth Taylor fragrances:

  1. White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor: White Diamonds is perhaps the most iconic fragrance from Elizabeth Taylor. Launched in 1991, it is a classic and luxurious scent that captures the essence of elegance and glamour. It features notes of neroli, lily, tuberose, and sandalwood, creating a rich and opulent fragrance that is perfect for special occasions.
  2. Passion by Elizabeth Taylor: Passion is a passionate and sensual fragrance that embodies Elizabeth Taylor’s fiery spirit. It features notes of jasmine, rose, amber, and musk, creating a bold and seductive scent that is perfect for romantic evenings.
  3. Black Pearls by Elizabeth Taylor: Black Pearls is an exotic and mysterious fragrance inspired by Elizabeth Taylor’s love for pearls. It features notes of peach, gardenia, sandalwood, and patchouli, creating a rich and intoxicating scent that is perfect for evening wear.
  4. Diamonds & Rubies by Elizabeth Taylor: Diamonds & Rubies is a glamorous and radiant fragrance that captures the allure of precious gems. It features notes of apricot, jasmine, rose, and amber, creating a warm and feminine scent that is perfect for everyday wear.
  5. Violet Eyes by Elizabeth Taylor: Violet Eyes is a modern and sophisticated fragrance that pays homage to Elizabeth Taylor’s striking violet eyes. It features notes of white peach, jasmine, rose, and cedarwood, creating a fresh and floral scent that is perfect for daytime wear.

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